Upgrading Cisco ASA software version w/out removing the current Configuration.

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Upgrade
Note’s Before Upgrading
1. Upgrading from older version (8.2) to a newer version:
– Verify the upgrade path.
– NAT commands will be different from all older version.
– Need to upgrade ASDM
– Verify the release notes if your not sure with other features.
! To Verify your current version
#show running-config boot system
2. You need to verify the Prerequisites:
– License
– Memory
! To Verify your ASA memory.
#show version | include RAM
3. Backup your current configuration before you start the upgrade.
! To backup your running-configuration
#copy running-config tftp:
4. Download the latest or the specific version you want.
5. Start the upgrade.
#copy tftp://X.X.X.X/NEWVERSION disk0:
! Remove the current boot system
config#no boot system disk0:/oldversion
! Add the new version
config#boot system disk0:/newversion

! Save & Reload
#write memory
! Now verify
#show running-config boot system
#show version
Q’s & A’s
1. After upgrading to a newer version do I need to recofigure the appliance from scratch?
A: No, you just need to save the current configuration “WR MEM” before upgrading so that the configuration will be save.
2. Is it required to upgrade your ASA to a newer version?
A: No, Yes if you want to meet your goals and use the newer feature’s.
3. If I update my ASA verion is there any disadvantages?
A: For me I do not see any disadvantages. you just need to be sure or verify the release notes before upgrading.

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