Palo Alto Firewall Backup and Restoration Process

Backing Up & Restoring Configuration of Palo Alto Firewall

I. Commit/Save Changes.
II. Export Existing Config (Device > Setup > Operations)

Click Save named configuration snapshop. (Snapshop of the configuration that will be saved on local device.)

Create name.

Click Export named configuration snapshotto export the saved snapshop that was stored in the local device.

Select the created named configuration.

It’s going to download and will be saved on your local computer.

Done. We can now proceed to basic bootstrapping of the new firewall including the management interface address and simply import the configuration that we have backed up.

Note: To Reboot/Shutdown the PA Firewall using GUI.

III. Import Configuration (Device > Setup > Operation)

Click Import named Configuration snapshot

Click browse and select backup file on your local computer.

Successfully saved in your local device(firewall)

Click Load named configuration snapshot

Select file backup configuration.

Click commit! Done!

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