Juniper Network Configuration

% – (Main) Type CLI to start
> (User Mode)
#- (Configure Mode)

#set system ? (list we have)

Changing Password

#set system r ?

#set system root-authentication ?

#set system root-authentication plain-text-password

( New password: ********  It will ask you to a new password)

            Verify #show system root authentication

            Encrypted-Password automatically

Changing Host-name

#set system host-name (Hostname)


#show | compare

 – (Current)

+ (added of changed)

Setting time-zone

#set system time-zone ?

  (It will give us a list of location)

#set system time-zone America/New_york

Setting Management

#set system ?

#set system services ssh

Verify : #show | Compare

Adding IP on Management Interface (out of bound management)

#set interfaces me0 (verify the interface)

#set interface me0 unit family inet address (that will give you out of bound management)

Static Routing

#set routing-options static route next-hop retain no-readvertised (only for management. It has limitation)

Verify : #show | Compare



> –  Show interfaces me0

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