Juniper Network Overview

Robust, Modular and Scalable

  • Junos OS functionality is compartmentalized into multiple software processes.
  • The Junos kernel is based on FreeBSD UNIX operationg system, which is an open-source software system

Single Source Code Base

  • All platforms running the Junos OS use the same software source code base within their platform-specific images.

Separate Control and Forwarding Planes

  • Routing Engine (RE) is the brain of the platform; It is responsible for performing protocol updates and system management.
  • The RE is based on an x86 or PowerPC architecture, depending on the specific platform running the Junos OS.
  • RE maintains: Routing tables, Bridging table and Primary forward table and connects to the packet forwarding engine (PFE) through internal link.

Maintains Routing Engine Intelligence

  • The RE handles all protocol processes in addition to other software processes that control the device’s interface, the chassis components, system management, and user access to the device.

Control and Monitors Chassis

  • The RE Provide the CLI in additional to the J-Web Gui.

Manages Packet Forwarding Engine

  • The RE controls the PFE by providing accurate, up-to-date Layer 2 and Layer 3 forwarding tables and by downloading microcode and managing software processes that resides in the PFE’s microcode.

Keyboard Shortcut

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