Juniper System Services

#set system services?

NTP – Network Time Protocol

Deals with service of time
Stratum – mathematically measurement your accuracy of your clock
Up to 15 synchronization(sync 1 – 2 – 3 )  if more than 15 no one can sync to us.
Steps > 128ms > sync
>1,000 seconds X
Boot server – at boot  1,000
Server – normal sync 128

In other vendors you will see Ntp Master command serve the time. In junos no master. Client only. Ability to make md5 secure time services.

SNMP – Simple Network Management Protocol

#set system services ntp ?
Server – with authority realtime
Peer – no authority

#run ping
#run ping inet4
#set system services ntp server
Verify: #run show system uptime
#run set date ?
# run set date
Verify: #run show system uptime
#show | compare
# run show ntp status
#set snmp community CBTnuggets read-only clients
#set snmp trap-group nuggetNOC target

#set system syslog (Host out from ip address Syslog server)
(Console Via console cable)
(File send and save)
#set system syslog console any emergency
#set system syslog host any notice
#set system syslog file messages any any
# set syslog file auth-info authorization info
#set system syslog file interactive-commands any
#set syslog file config-changes change-log info

-Every single entry will have Time stamp is important – so we need to configure NTP
-Process ID
-Message code

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