Cisco Nexus Product Family

Cisco Nexus product family is a key component of the Cisco unified data center architecture, which is the unified fabric. The objective of the unified fabric is to build highly available, highly secure network fabrics.

Using Nexus the Cisco Nexus product, you can build end-to-end data center design based on three-tier architecture e or based on spine-leaf architecture. Cisco Nexus Pruduct line offers high-density 10G, 40G, and 100G ports as well.

Modern data center designs need the following properties.
1. Effective use of available bandwidth in design where multiple links exist between the source and destination and one path is active and the other is blocked by STP, or the design is limiting you to use Active/Standby NIC teaming.

This addressed today using layer 2 multi-pathing technologies such as fabric and virtual port channel(vPC).

2. Computing resources must be optimized, which happens by building a computing fabric and dealing with CPU and memory as resources that are utilized when needed.

3. Using the concept of a service profile and booting from a SAN in the Cisco Unified Computing system will reduce the time to instantiate new servers. This makes it easy to build and tear down test and development environments.

4. Power and cooling are key problems in data center today. Ways to address the include using Unified fabric (converged SAN and LAN), Using cisco virtual interface cards, using technologies such as VM-FEX and Adapter-Fex. Rather that using, for example 10G links, you can use two 40G links, and so on. reducing cabling creates efficient airflow, which in turn reduces cooling requirements.

5. The concept of hybrid clouds can benefit your organization. Hybrid clouds extend your existing data center to public clouds as needed, with consistent network and security.

6. Improved reliability during software updates, configuration changes, or adding components to the data center environment, which should happen with minimum disruption.

7. Host, especially virtual host, must move without the need to change the topology or require an address change.

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