ACI Stretch Fabric Design

  1. Cisco recommend a minimum of 3 APIC Server?
    • Is this per site or possible to have distributive setup which installed on different site? -“We only allow a single APIC in lab/test environments where redundancy is not required.” So meaning you can still use a single server to control the devices? But in this statement “When the connection between two sites is lost, the site with one APIC controller will be in the minority (site 2 in the figure above). When a controller is in the minority, it cannot be the leader for any shards. This limits the controller in site 2 to read only operations; administrators cannot make any configuration changes through the controller in site 2”

So meaning I cannot use a singe APIC server to control the infrastructure?

  1. Split brain condition?
    • What does split brain condition means? Is it for 2 APIC server or This is for multiple sites with distributed APICS?
    • Can give simple scenario that split brain occur?



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