Viptela Web Interface

vManage Web Interface Options/Role

I. Dashboard

II. Monitor

III. Configuration

IV. Tools

V. Maintenance

VI. Administration

a. Settings


Organization name – Added on the post-installation and has to match to every single devices you have on your sd-wan deployment.
vBond – Specifies the vBond address for contact and authentication using the default port.
Email Notification – For alarm via email. You can specify the smtp email and other mail server details.
Controller Certificate Authorization – This is where we assign how we assign the vManage certificate and it consist of 3 ways.
WAN Edge Cloud Certificate Authorization – Issue the certificate to the vEge cloud (default).
Web Server Certificate – SSL Certificate installation.
Enforce Software Version(ZTP) – Software repository when you upload the update file.
Banner – will be dispay on vmanage.
Reverse Proxy – To enable reverse proxy function.
Statistics Settings – Enable/disable statistics collection (all by default).
CloudExpress – To enable cloud express features.
vAnalytics – To enable/launch vAnalytics.
Client Session Timeout – Disable by default, how to handle the web session.
Data Stream – Data collection on wan edge is disabled (packet capture, log collection speed test)
Tenancy Mode – Can change to single (default) or multiple tenant. 
     Note: Once you switchover to multi test you can never switchback.
Statistics Configuration – How often vManage collects device statistics (min of 5min).
Maintenance window -  You can schedule a maintenance window to any major changes. 
Identity Provider settings – Disabled by default. Use if you want to have a single signed-on server.
Statistics Database Configuration – Change/Set the size of the allocated database for statistics types.
Google Map API key – Key advertised to google for geographic location.
Software Install Timeout – For controller upgrade which try up to Default is 60 minutes before we terminate. 
IPS Signature Update - 

VII. Analytics

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