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ACL and Types


Access Control List (ACL)

Understanding ACLs
Classification – Router also use ACLs to identify particular traffic.
Filtering – You can use ACL as a filter to keep the rest of your network from accessing sensitive data on the finance subnet.

ACL Operation
ACLs operate in two ways:
– Inbound ACLs
– Outbound ACLs

Types of ACL
• Standard – Check the source address of packets that can be routed.
• Extended – Check both the source and destination.

Note: Standard ACL should be applied near to source and Extended near to destination to avoid extra lookups and consumption of bandwidth.

Access Number
1 – 99 or 1300 – 1999 is a Standard IP
100 – 199 or 2000 – 2699 is a Extended IP

ACL Keywords
Any – Used in place of
Host – Used in place of in the wild card mask