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Web cache communication protocol

– Use to redirect web request from router to a cache engine.
– A Cisco proprietary protocol.
– Completely transparent for the end user.
– No proxy to configured on the client.
– Client has no knowledge the content came from the cisco device.
– If the content Engine – It retrieves the web content.

– Version 1 and 2 existing
– Version 2 is the default version
– You may configure version 1 with #ip wccp version command.


Prerequisites for WCCP
– IP is required on the interfaces connection to the content engine and Internet.
– Content Engine connection must be fast E. or Gig E.
– Currently only IPV4 supported.

WCCP Version 1
– WCCP version 1 only supports port 80.
– WCCP version 1 only supports one router per content engine cluster.

WCCP Version 2
– WCCP version 2 supports up to 32 content engines and 32 routers in a service group.
– Multicast can be used for a communication.
– All content engine in the clusted must be able to communicate with all
– TTL of 15 or less for multicast must be used on the router.

WCCP uses generix router encapsulation(GRE) or redirect layer 2 to redirect traffic.

In order to use L2, The content Engine and router must be one same subnet.
– MAC address rewriting handles the redirect.