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Viptela Controller Configuration

Viptela Lab – Topology


I . vManage Initial Configuration(CLI)

vmanage# conf t
Entering configuration mode terminal
vmanage(config)# system
vmanage(config-system)# host-name LAB-VMANAGE1
vmanage(config-system)# system-ip
vmanage(config-system)# site-id 255
vmanage(config-system)# organization-name "2019_VIPLAB"
vmanage(config-system)# ntp server prefer vpn 0
vmanage(config-server- exit
vmanage(config-ntp)# exit
vmanage(config-system)# clock timezone America/Los_Angeles
vmanage(config-system)# vbond

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WIP: Building Viptela Lab on Eve-ng

Work in progress….

Some key point of Viptela SD-WAN Architecture:
Cisco Viptela have following components
1. vOchestrator
2. vBond
3. Vcontroller
4. vEdge
connect each other as a overlays using underlay media like LTE,MPLS ,4G etc. They use OMP protocol,TLOC to identify each other locations and peer.

1. Cost Reduction
2. Zero touch provision
3. Cloud readiness
4. Control over segregated network
5. Secure VPN based services Readiness – different private cloud and SAAS can be added or integrate easily

1st Run:
CPUs: 4
Mem: 24gb

set to.. CPUs: 12 Mem: 24gb
Viptela Output
Issue on Vedge and Vmgmt…