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3850 switch – IOS XE upgrade Detailed

By default, the switches are shipped in Install mode.

Bundle mode: Bundle mode is where we boot the switch/stack using the .bin file. This is the traditional method of booting the switch where the switch extracts the .bin file to the RAM of the switch and run from there.

Install Mode: Install mode is where we pre-extract the .bin file in the flash and boot the witch/stack using the packages.conf file created during the extraction.

Install mode is the recommended mode of running the switch. Not all features may be available in this Bundle mode
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Cisco Stack & VSS

What is the difference between VSS and Stacking?

  • Model based
  • we can add 9 switches in stacking mode
  • VSS having two chassis physically but logically one and having hardware dependency, In stack your will have 2/4/5 switches and logically one