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Power over Ethernet



Universal PoE (UPOE) technology with up to 60 watt power to enable even broader endpoint support, with additional benefits of higher availability, lower OpEx, and faster deployment.

POE Calculation


1.POE switch is the source of power that will be delivered to the POE supported devices(Ip phone, wireless Ap, Servers etc) over ethernet cable
2. For 802.3af standard switch and end device==== power required for the end device should be <= 15watt
for 802.3af standard===each port can deliver around 25watt power
3.I think we cannot but not sure
4. umm…in real field I haven't practice these kind of backup. so I think we cannot…not sure

For 3) .. I know about vendor HP devices .. you can priortize power .. For Cisco .. Need to confirm ..
For 4) .. Normally we go for POE .. instead of External power supply .. But we cannot make External Power & Power through POE .. as redundant option to each other
we can make power supplies as redundant .. if Two power options are present in the same device ..