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Cisco SG200-26port & Alcatel IP Phone


Package Details:

  • Rackmount kit
  • Adapter
  • It has 26 Gigports and 2 sfp slot.
  • POE (100 Watts) on port 1-6 and 13-18 and 802.3af poe standard.

Very reliable, powerful and affordable managed switch.

Basic Notes: Cisco SG200-26port Gigabit POE Smart Switch

1st connect the ethernet port to your workstation and the end of the ethernet cable to SG200.

– Default IP:

You can now able to ping the switch and access it using any browser.

– On browser enter the address


Default Username:cisco and Password:cisco

sg3You can now change the system information and other configuration


Problem: Alcatel IP Phone connected to SG200 can’t connect to PABX Server.


  • Disable auto DHCP (Administration>File Management>DHCP Auto Configuration).
  • Disable LLDP (Administration>File Management>LLDP) because there is a sub menu for lldp-med on Alcatel IP we can disable it or just turn of the LLDP on switch side.

Also don’t forget to save your config.