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All about System infrastructure.

My HP Proliant DL380 G6 (2u)


Due to the lack of resources of my Lab-station (Amd ryzen3 with 16gb) build, I have decided to build a new Lab-station for Data Center, SD-WAN, Virtualization, Net-dev & Cloud reps. Package includes 5-extra sas drive and door-to-door delivery. With this server I can get 6core/12threads per cpu, total of 24t. It has 18 ram slots(max) but I’m only using 6 slots 8gb per slot (48gb in total) and with supported raid 0, 1, 5, 10 feature.


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Difference of WWPN Standard and Extended.

How to find the OUI in a World Wide Node Name (WWNN) or World Wide Port Name (WWPN)
Each Fibre Channel node or networking device will have one and only one WWNN that uniquely identifies it. Each of these devices will have at least one and frequently very large numbers of ports (in the case of a switch for instance). Each of these ports is uniquely identifiable by its WWPN which is created based on the WWNN, so that any device will have one WWNN but could have many related WWPNs. The Fibre Channel naming format can take one of several forms. In general, the first nibble (4bits or 1/2 byte identifies the type of WWN. The second section depends on the type of WWN:

1. IEEE Name (NAA-1) The first nibble is a 1. The the next nibble and byte will equal 0:00. For example, 10:00:XX.XX.XX.VV.VV.VV, where the X represents OUI and the V indicates vendor assigned bytes).
IEEE name (NAA-1) – 10:00:00:00:c9:55:23:6b >00:00:c9<<<<<< OUI

2. IEEE Extended name (NAA-2) – The first nibble is a 2. The next 12 bits (1 nibble + 1 Byte) is vendor assigned, and is frequently used to identify port number on a multiport node. For example, 2P:PP:XX:XX:XX:VV:VV:VV (P is vendor assigned possibly a port ID, X is OUI, and V is vendor assigned)
IEEE Extended name (NAA-2) – 20:00:00:e0:8b:05:05:04 >00:e0:8b<<<<<<< OUI

3. IEEE Registered name (NAA-3) – The first nibble is a 2. The next three bytes are the OUI with the next 4 1/2 bytes are vendor assigned, frequently being the serial number with the last three nibbles being used for port identification. For example, 5X:XX:XX:XV:VV:VV:Vv:vv (where X is OUI, and V is vendor assigned might be serial number and v port ID)
IEEE Registered name (NAA-3) – 50:0a:09:81:87:39:45:3b >0:0a:09:8<<<<<<<<<<<OUI

Windows Server

Planning, Installation, Roles Upgrade

  • You can only upgrade from Windows 2008 & 2008 r2 x64 bit.
  • Windows server 2012 is only available on 64bit.

Planning Installation & Roles

  • Practice in VM & get accustomed to GUI, Test software.
  • Prepare Hardware (Map toolkit) 0 identifying whether your desktop or server is upgradable.

Minimum Requirements

(Windows server 2012 system requirements PDF)

  • A good time for upgrades
  • Drivers > Mass Storage > Unsigned
  • Pre-learn Power Shell
  • Watch for removed ( Clustering Hyper-v changes etc.
  • Backup & Have Contingency. Test and Restore.
  • Roll out in stages

Installation Levels

  • Full GUI
  • Core (default)
    • Minimal attack surface
    • Small foot print
    • Highly Reliable
    • Easily Managed Winr2/WinRM, Powershell, server manager remotely administrating core.
  • Feature on demand
  • Minimal server interface

Windows Server Migration Tools

  • Migrate from W2k3 SP2/R2, W2K8 Full, R2 Win-12 Full/Core (Cannot W2k8 Core no .net frame work(
  • Physical to Virtual ; V to P
  • Only same UI language
  • Admin on both machines
  • PS Scripts
  • Migrate roles, Features, System settings, shares, data…..

Server > Dashboard


  • Add role and Features
  • Remove Rules and Features
  • Add server
  • Create Server Group
  • Server Manager Properties


  • Administrative tools etc.

Power Shell install  -windowsfeature migration

Configuring Server Core

Netsh interface ipv4 show interfaces

Set Static IP on the machine (ADMINISTRATOR P.S.)

Change IP address

Netsh interface ipv4 set address name=Ethernet source=static address= mask= gateway=

Add Dns

Netsh interface ipv4 add dnsserver name=Ethernet address= index=1

Change hostname

Netdom renamecomputer %computer% /newname:yourname /userd:Administrator /password  /reboot:0

Connect to domain

Netdom join %computername% / /userd:Administrator /Passwordd:/reboot:5

Add user

Net user Trainer /add *

Add user to a group

Net localgroup Administrators /add Trainer


Net user trainer

Sconfig (Server Config) 

Enabling For remote core

#Netsh advfirewall firewall set rule group=”remote administrator” new enable=yes

#Netsh advfirewall set allprofile state off

Reset initial config (Out of the box firewall)

Netsh advfirewall reset

Remote Management Methods

  • WNRM(Windown Remote Management)
  • QC (Quick Config)
  • Userful at CMD line

#winrm quickconfig

#winrm id –remote:( destination name)

#winrm g wnicimv2/Win32_OperatingSystem –fragment:FreePhysicalMemory –r:(Destination name)

#winrs  –r:(destination Name) ipconfig /all

Remote Server Administration Tool (RSAT)

Tool: Remote Desktop Manager & Server Manager

Manage Non-Domain Joined

  • Appllies When:
  • One or Both are in workgroup
  • Both in different domain w/ no trust relationship
  • Target Added Via IP Address
  • Add Target to trustedhost list
  • If target not in same Subnet not “Private” Profile
  • Change FW inbound “windows Remote Management(http-in)” & add management coputer by computername

Non Domain join

set-item wsman:\localhost\client\trustedhosts (Domain Name) -concatenate -force

IBM System Storage (Basics)


Various Activities in IBM DS Storage
DS 5300, DS 5100, DS 4800 & DS 4700.


How to map a system to be a management station?

  • You can delete host environment
  • strg
  • Create a new storage subsystem.
  • strg                                           Out-of-band management:
    A storage node address is required.
    node can be a computer or some other device, such as a printer. Every node has a unique network address.

In-band management:
Your host IP address.                                                                                  strgClick No.

New host environment output: strg

How to define host? (Not the management station but production host)
How to create partitions (Luns)?
How to create an array (Raid Groups)?
How to map logical drives to host?



In computer hardware, a host controller, host adapter, or host bus adapter (HBA) connects a host system (the computer) to other network and storage devices. The terms are primarily used to refer to devices for connecting SCSI,Fibre Channel and eSATA devices.

Click Next
 Specify Host Type.

  • Host Group Question (Define Host): Choose NO
  • On Preview (Define Host) Click Save as Script then Click Finish


Strg.jpgStrg.jpgClick Finish.


Setup IBM Storage

Setting up IBM Storage

Fiber Channel

  • Verify FC “Devmgmt.msc (Device Manager)
  • Launch the Console. (Example QConvergenceConsole.)
  • Ping, Beacon & Serial etc
  • WWPN World Wide Port Name (HBA)
  • If iSCi you need to verify on server isci iniator and locate the target (Storage).


  • From IBM DS Storage Manger > Subsystem
  • Create Array and luns.
  • Host and map logical drive to the host.
  • Always verify the Host Type and HBA (WWPN)


  • Same as Directly attached config.
  • But you need to create a zoning on SAN Switch.

On SAN Switch

  • Create Alias

#aliascreate “Server1”, “HBA(WWPN)”
#aliascreate “DSstorage1”, “HBA(WWPN)”

  • Create Zone

#zonecreate “ZONECONF”, “Server1(Alias)”
#zoneadd “ZONECONF”, “DSstorage1 (Alias)”

  • Create a config or just add to the zone to existing config.

#cfgcreate “RUNING”, “ZONECONF”

NOTE: VERIFY alias show or configshow and Effective configuration.

Creating Hot Spare

Manual Rebuild

  • Click the replace HDD on manger then go to advanced revivestrg

Manual setup of HotSpare

  • Click the hostspare or drive then Replace Drives.                   strg

According to IBM if you gonna replace HDD, After Pulling out the old HDD you should wait 30 to 60 sec. before you insert the new HDD.

Add/Edit Bat file

A batch file is an unformatted text file that contains one or more commands and has a .bat or .cmd file name extension. When you type the file name at the command prompt, Cmd.exe runs the commands sequentially as they appear in the file. You can include any command in a batch file.

How edit or Add Bat File

-My Network Places
-Entire Network
-Microsoft Windows Netowrk
-MYDOMAIN (domain)

edit Bat file.

How to verify user bat file
-Logon Script (.Bat)